Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So far So good

I am outta Thatcher for the summer! OW OW! Not that I dont miss my crazy room mates, but it is sooo nice to finally be close to home! Im livin it up with Sarah and Steve now. You can bet they were way excited to have me, who wouldnt?? Especially Steve is! haha ok ok maybe he isnt but thats just because he hasnt had the whole dose of my amazingness yet! So I've been here for a day and I already got a job at the Sizzler! haha yeah its like a step up from the Corral, but baby steps, come on people! Ill be owning my own buffet in no time.

So to begin this glorious summer off I started off to a trip to good ol' Kingman, spent like 5 days there. Sounds boring, but it DEFINETLY wasnt! Well, maybe a little bit, but its nice to go to bed at a descent hour (although its not very nice when people wake you up at a completely undescent hour=), not have any obligations the next day, and just chilling up in the Haulipais with the fam! And to end the trip me, Sarah, and Amy took a journey down to Oatman! Its ok if your jealous :) but it actually wasnt too shabby; played with donkeys, watched Sarah cry as one chased her down the street, and talked to some straight up hicks. So I guess, all and all, it was a pretty fulfilling trip.

Me and Bearett feeding the donkey a carrot, Andrew giving his best pirate smile, and Madison taming the donkeys.

Yes, that is me in the Donk-A-Lope.