Monday, January 25, 2010


Wow my life has changed so much since the Summer is Donzo post!! Haha Just kidding it really hasn't. Last semester went by really fast but kind of slow at the same time. I started out jobless, living with a girl from Africa who would bring her pimp daddy over at all hours of the night, which oddly was pretty creepy for me. So within about a week of moving in with her I HAD to get out so, me and the girl I shared a room with and a girl I lived with the semester before, moved into a little house from the 1940s and payed way too much to live there. This is Jessica and Missy. These were my roommates for part of the semester.
But not to worry, by the end of the semester i was out of that house and into another one just down the street and am now living in a 4 bedroom house with 8 girls!! Yay! Moving into 3 different places in one semester isnt hectic at all! In the mix of all of that I got a work study job at a place called Child & Family Resources, where I basically do nothing and get paid...not that I get paid alot but its better than nothing and Im really grateful that I even have it! Its almost impossible to find a job here. Everyone is looking but I haven't heard of anyone actually finding one. I also got a boyfriend! Something else everyone is looking for but noone can find! haha Well maybe they can find one but not one as great as mine:) hahh! Its been really fun getting to know him. He lives with one of my old friends from the semester before and thats how I met him. We became good friends fast. Me and my roommate Missy and him would hangout all the time. His name is Jordan, btw. After about a month of hanging out he told me he liked me and it took me a while to finally tell him that I liked him too. And the rest is history! haha So this semester should be an interesting one too. Living with 8 girls will be an adventure, theres bound to be lots of girl drama. I can feel a little tension rising already. At least the rent is cheaper tho!
Jackie, Danni, Missy and I.
These are my roommates from last spring semester, and now we get to live with eachother one more time. :) I think we're at Laguna Beach here. One Friday at midnight we decided just to go to Cali for the weekend, we drove all night and just hung out at the beach for a couple days. This is Missy, Jordan and I at the Provo temple when we went on our conference trip. Which was an awesome trip. It was my first time going so it was exciting!Me&Jordan.
I am excited to start this year, it should be an interesting one to say the least!