Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis the Season

So things have been going great for Jordan and I.  We went to good old Kingman to my parents house for Thanksgiving.  It was CRAZY there!  All ten kids were home with all the spouses and grandkids.  Id say about 50 people crammed into my parents haulipia getaway.  But for most of the day all the older grandkids played outside and the babies stayed inside so the house stayed relatively quiet...pshh who am I kidding!  And then being the crazy family we are we had to take a family picture in the freezing could mountains with tons of cold, crying babies..needless to say the pictures didn't come out very well...well except for the one at the top of the page.  I think that one looks great!  And after pictures we had a great dinner and then of course all the guys went and played basketball. 
Later on that night me and jordan got up the nerve to go into town for the walmart black friday sales.  We were lucky! We were able to get in and out quickly and only had to wait in line for like 30 minutes!!!  Id say it was a success!  Then on Friday morning we had to leave early so I could make it back in time for work.  It was so nice to have everyone together, especially glad that Toni and Craig and their kids could make it down this year.
Since Thanksgiving Jordan and I have been having sooo much fun getting into the Christmas spirit!! We are so excited for Christmas to come and already have all the shopping done!  Last week we got a cute and perfect tree! It was so much fun decorating it and we are convinced that everyone that sees it is jealous! haha! We made gingerbread houses with jordans fam for FHE, went and saw temple lights with Jason and Ashley, watched the first presidency's christmas message, went to the ward christmas party, went looking at all the pretty christmas lights in the neighborhood and drank hot cocoa!  I feel like I have really gotten into the christmas spirit this year...usually I'm not very excited about it but I think it will be the best christmas yet!  Im also excited that we can spend it with jordans family, they are so awesome!  But Ill miss you all so much! Stay warm and safe:) Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Bumble Bees

So a lot has been going on lately! About 2 wks ago we moved out of the house we were staying, into our REAL first home! Jordan’s friend and his wife were living in San Diego all summer selling pest control, so for the first month of being married, we crashed there until we got our REAL house was all situated. Now we are completely moved into our wonderful home! I will NEVER move again! Haha We love our new home. Finally something that can be ours! Our first night there was quite the adventure!! Earlier that afternoon while we were moving all our things in, Jordan sprayed the house for bugs. We left for a couple hours to eat dinner at the N-Laws and then Jordan went to help his brother Jason move stuff into his new place. So I headed home to unpack our stuff. I was HORRIFIED when I walked in on, dead and alive, COCKROACHES everywhere! The scariest thing probably in my whole life! I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it so I decided it was best for Jordan the Bug Man to do the clean up and the rest of the killing. I went back to my N-Laws to hang out until Jordan was done. That night we cleaned up over 20 cockroaches. Lying in bed we could see them crawling on the walls!!! I hardly got any sleep that night. And the next morning we cleaned up at least 20 more! And we still find one or two…or three every couple of days.
I guess I’m beginning to get used to seeing them around. I usually only find them dead and have only found a few live ones running around….you know once you think about it their not that gross;) NOT. I think what might be attracting them is the honey dripping out of our wall and tile in the dining room. Yes, we have honey dripping out of the wall!!
It’s the weirdest thing. I guess there used to be a bee hive in between our wall and our neighbors. They killed the bees but left the hive and now honey is literally oozing out of our wall!! A couple other random things about our new home is that the fridge doesn’t fit in our kitchen so it’s sitting in the dining room. It’s kind of annoying having to walk out of the kitchen to get to the fridge but it’s livable. And the dryer doesn’t fit in the laundry closet, so we have to take a piece out the wall so we can put it in there. Other than that we love it here! We have been sooooo blessed since we’ve gotten married! Every piece of furniture we have has been given to us for FREE! Even our vacuum! Well, our dining room table cost us a whopping $45, with the chairs included! Amy Shupe found it on Craigslist and when we went to pick it up we offered to buy 2 lamps from the lady but she just gave them to us!

So the weekend after moving into our home we left! And headed off to Oklahoma for Jordan’s older brother Jason’s wedding. The Baldwin’s had 2 wedding this summer too! We left Thursday at 5pm and drove ALL night! Once we arrived in Amarillo at about 3am we were exhausted, so we stopped in some random parking lot and slept for a couple hours. I’m not sure how long it took us to get there, but I can promise you it was too long! But well worth it! All of the family was there and the wedding was so beautiful! There were trees everywhere and it overlooked a really pretty lake. We had so much fun hanging out with all the family! On Sunday, after sacrament meeting we left Tahlequah, OK. and headed home. We left at noon and got home at 2 in morning! Yes, we are speed demons! We have been to our share of weddings this summer too! Jason & Ashley, and they had 2 receptions, Jordan’s cousin got married, my friend from Kingman Kamber Butler and more to come. It seems like all our friends and families are getting married!

Since we’ve been back we’ve been fixing up our little home and getting ready for school. I’m excited for school, now I have something to do!! Haha (unfortunately I’m still on the job hunt). So I can put all my time into my classes. I’m taking 2 Elementary Ed classes (one of which is online and doesn’t start until Oct 18th), a math class on how to teach math, and a world religions class (just because I need one more credit to be full time). Jordan, however, is NOT excited to start school. In fact, he is dreading it and is stressing out! He is taking all classes to go towards a business associates degree. This means he has to basically start all over! It’ll take about a year and half to get it. And two more years on top of that for a bachelors degree. So he isn’t too happy about how that’s panned out but what can ya do!

Some humore on our way to Oklahoma
Oh Dang! He looks goood!

We hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin almost all weekend. They are awesome! I really had fun with them!
Kamber's wedding:)
Outside the Wright House
Elder and Sister Slade! Our favorite people from Thatcher! We ran into them at Jordans cousins wedding. They knew mom and dad way back from Tolleson. They remember Toni and Haley too. They are the coolest little couple!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Joys of Married Life

Jordan and I have been married for 3 weeks now! Woo! Such an accomplishment. Things have been really good. Jordan got a job at Blue Sky (a pest control company in Mesa) that he has had like 3 interviews with already. I guess they just couldnt make up their mind but Im glad that they finally did! I however, am not having much luck with my job. I guess the manager was confused when I asked for days off for the wedding and honeymoon, because she schedueled me on all the days I was gone. Now Im not getting any hours because they think that Im unreliable. So Ive been looking for a new job, I hope I can get one soon, because it is boring at home all day! I think Ill go crazy if I have to spend another day at home!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ill Miss My Thatcher Days

I moved out of Thatcher today...for good. I have now moved in with Amy and Bob. Ive had quite some mixed feelings about leaving tho. It was sad saying goodbye to that lil town after it has given me so much! Ive made so many memories there, got to know some amazing people, found my FUTURE HUSBAND, learned so much about myself, have had lots of trials that have helped me grow and learn, grew up! (still growing;]), and so much more! As much as I hated it sometimes, it was the best place for me to be. So Ill admit, its scary to be officially gone, and itll probably take me a few days to really get used this new living arrangement least Ill be gone in a month!! haha JOkES! Love Insaner and Bob! But a little part inside me tells me Ill like it soooo much better living with Jordan. It already SUCKS living 20 min away from him. Its definetly not something Im used to, compared to Thatcher when we lived just 2 streets away! Ill survive I guess...At least now I can really get my wedding plans rolling! Can I get a woot woot!
Jordan and I at the beautiful Gila Valley Temple! 5 minutes away from our houses!! Isnt that awesome!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Im Getting Married!

Jordan finally popped the question! So heres the story... Last Tuesday he kidnapped me and drove me from Thatcher Scratcher all the way to Gilbert. Of course, leaving me in confusion the whole way there! He took me to the riparian in Gilbert. Its a pretty camping spot with ponds and piknic areas, right in the middle of town. His mom and sister had set up a dinner table for us. Roses, candle light, and music. We ate dinner as the sun was setting and danced to a few songs too. I know, I know, soo cute! And then with sweating palms and trembling knees he popped the question! Ok ok so he wasnt too nervous about it and I pretty much knew what was going on the whole drive up there, in fact I woke up that morning with a feeling that it was finally going to happen. But nonetheless it was very sweet and romantic! I loved every part of it! Especially my ring!!

Now I get to stress and worry over wedding plans! YAY! I cant wait to move in with AMY! And really get my plans rolling. So mark your calendars everyone for JUNE 18, 1030 am. At the Mesa Temple! The reception will be that night, not sure the exact time on that yet. Heres some pics of the Magical Night:)

Before our delicious dinner of lasagna and bread sticks and of course the wine! ;)

Still not engaged yet...

annnnnnnnddddddd.......................BAM! Engaged!!
We are so happy and excited! Its crazy cus even tho we've been talking about getting engage for the last few months, as soon as we finally did, everything changed so much. I guess now that its official, we have to look at our relationship in a different perspective and really learn how to work together! Its fun learning and growing with him!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Wow my life has changed so much since the Summer is Donzo post!! Haha Just kidding it really hasn't. Last semester went by really fast but kind of slow at the same time. I started out jobless, living with a girl from Africa who would bring her pimp daddy over at all hours of the night, which oddly was pretty creepy for me. So within about a week of moving in with her I HAD to get out so, me and the girl I shared a room with and a girl I lived with the semester before, moved into a little house from the 1940s and payed way too much to live there. This is Jessica and Missy. These were my roommates for part of the semester.
But not to worry, by the end of the semester i was out of that house and into another one just down the street and am now living in a 4 bedroom house with 8 girls!! Yay! Moving into 3 different places in one semester isnt hectic at all! In the mix of all of that I got a work study job at a place called Child & Family Resources, where I basically do nothing and get paid...not that I get paid alot but its better than nothing and Im really grateful that I even have it! Its almost impossible to find a job here. Everyone is looking but I haven't heard of anyone actually finding one. I also got a boyfriend! Something else everyone is looking for but noone can find! haha Well maybe they can find one but not one as great as mine:) hahh! Its been really fun getting to know him. He lives with one of my old friends from the semester before and thats how I met him. We became good friends fast. Me and my roommate Missy and him would hangout all the time. His name is Jordan, btw. After about a month of hanging out he told me he liked me and it took me a while to finally tell him that I liked him too. And the rest is history! haha So this semester should be an interesting one too. Living with 8 girls will be an adventure, theres bound to be lots of girl drama. I can feel a little tension rising already. At least the rent is cheaper tho!
Jackie, Danni, Missy and I.
These are my roommates from last spring semester, and now we get to live with eachother one more time. :) I think we're at Laguna Beach here. One Friday at midnight we decided just to go to Cali for the weekend, we drove all night and just hung out at the beach for a couple days. This is Missy, Jordan and I at the Provo temple when we went on our conference trip. Which was an awesome trip. It was my first time going so it was exciting!Me&Jordan.
I am excited to start this year, it should be an interesting one to say the least!