Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shabby Chic

Proud of my husband!  He just made this shelf out of 2 folding doors...So SHABBY!  So look out for us we'll be starting our own shabby chic business.  Another shelf on the way bids starting at $100!  haha jk but seriously its pretty cute!

Friday, December 7, 2012


For Maeleigh's first Halloween she was a candy corn.  Auntie Ami Andes made her cute lil costume:)

The weather has been so beautiful this fall!  It really doesn't feel like fall...I don't think I have even worn a sweater yet, but that give us a chance to actually get outside! We walked down to the lake by our house to feed the ducks one day.  For some reason the ducks wouldn't come near us and a bunch of huge catfish came and ate all our bread!  Heres a vid of the fish they were pretty big, we have plans on fishing there now! 

Jor and Mae

One night we went to this Night of Lights thing in Gilbert which was actually quite lame...there was like no lights!  The only cool thing was this big hot air balloon.  Some day Jordan WILL take me on one!

Thanksgiving this year was in Flagstaff at Sarah's and Steve's house and everyone came except Joe and Kami.  I was a little worried how Maeleigh would do with all the craziness and noise but she was just perfect the whole time.  I vote we have Thanksgiving at their place every year!!  May I add how hott mom looked!  

The girls took some pretty epic pics or should I say cheesy...
Need I go on...

Jordan and I ventured out that night for a lil Black Friday shoppin and mom watched Maeleigh for us.  I am a sucker for a good deal so I must brag!...So the deal at Walmart for a 32" Emerson TV was $148 and there was a 32" TV for sale at Sears for $97 buuut the brand wasn't listed on the ad.  You know how Walmart does the whole price matching thing so somehow Jordan talked the peeps at the register to price match it for us!  Even though they didn't want to cuz of the whole brand thing.  So we got it for $97!!
Jor is quite proud of it!

Don't let this cute face fool you! Maeleigh hates tummy time! If I prop her up on a pillow she seems not to mind it as much.  But we are getting some success with the pillow propping.  Even on the pillow she just lays there and sucks her hands or cries but for the first time yesterday she rolled right off it! And she did it again and again annnnd then started screaming lol but it is progress!  I was so proud:)