Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

i. am. blessed.

This year we....
Got PrEgNaNt!!
Can you see it??
I am currently 18 wks along and we find out the sex in 3 days!
went on a lil hike...
partied on the strip and..
went to the vegas temple,
went to rocky pt with our neighbs and Ami and Tyson:)
this is before going on the banana boat ride...probably not the best idea being 16 wks along but it was worth it!
not excited about riding the kamikaze and also a horrible idea to do while pregnant! ruined everyones night!
Jordan at the aquarium with the sea turtles
star fishy!

feeding our little sea lion friend!

ship wrecked!

eating LOTSA tacos!!

Life is moving along quickly so we spend most of our time trying to catch up with it. This year is only a few months along but we've had plenty of highs and lows. Things are starting to look up and we are so thrilled to be starting a family and to find out what we're having this week!!! I just love this boy right here! I have such an amazing husband and am blessed to be a part of his family and mine! I am so grateful for my family and husband. I have been so impressed at their strength and ability to face their trials with such faith! This year has been life changing already but I have more support in my life than probably anyone else I know. I am blessed.