Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Im Getting Married!

Jordan finally popped the question! So heres the story... Last Tuesday he kidnapped me and drove me from Thatcher Scratcher all the way to Gilbert. Of course, leaving me in confusion the whole way there! He took me to the riparian in Gilbert. Its a pretty camping spot with ponds and piknic areas, right in the middle of town. His mom and sister had set up a dinner table for us. Roses, candle light, and music. We ate dinner as the sun was setting and danced to a few songs too. I know, I know, soo cute! And then with sweating palms and trembling knees he popped the question! Ok ok so he wasnt too nervous about it and I pretty much knew what was going on the whole drive up there, in fact I woke up that morning with a feeling that it was finally going to happen. But nonetheless it was very sweet and romantic! I loved every part of it! Especially my ring!!

Now I get to stress and worry over wedding plans! YAY! I cant wait to move in with AMY! And really get my plans rolling. So mark your calendars everyone for JUNE 18, 1030 am. At the Mesa Temple! The reception will be that night, not sure the exact time on that yet. Heres some pics of the Magical Night:)

Before our delicious dinner of lasagna and bread sticks and of course the wine! ;)

Still not engaged yet...

annnnnnnnddddddd.......................BAM! Engaged!!
We are so happy and excited! Its crazy cus even tho we've been talking about getting engage for the last few months, as soon as we finally did, everything changed so much. I guess now that its official, we have to look at our relationship in a different perspective and really learn how to work together! Its fun learning and growing with him!