Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So as you can tell this whole blogging ordeal, hasnt been working out very well so far. It must be super hard for all of you when you come on here and there are no updates ;) not fun! I dont know how people go off to college and spend all there days just partying away. I cant even remember the last party I went to and yet I still cant focus on school. And trust me, its not a boy thats distracting me. I guess Im just a huge procrastinator..Im trying to work on that though. Dont worry Im not failing or anything, just dont like homework! Im also still working at the coral...lame I know. But there is only like a month or so left of school and then Im quiting! YAY I cant wait for that day to come!

My roomates and I have inherited a new hobby....HIKING. We've gone a few pretty intense hikes up in Mt Graham and then another one off in some Arovypa place? It was supposed to be really pretty there with creeks and flowers and what not. We were quite disappointed when we got there and there was just a bunch of dead trees and a creek filled with gosh knows what!

Heres are most of my roomates: Jackie, Me, Danni, and Missy. Absent are Jami and Holly. :)

Im contemplating on whether or not I want to come here next semester. My only other real options are Mesa community or go to CCC in Flagg....but who knows. Any advice?? Also, Im trying to decide where I want to spend my summer. Possibly Flagg, if Sarah and Steve will except me;) or there are a couple girls in the valley I could move in with. I suck at making choices like this mainly becuase I put it off till last minute. Theres that procrastination again!