Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis the Season

So things have been going great for Jordan and I.  We went to good old Kingman to my parents house for Thanksgiving.  It was CRAZY there!  All ten kids were home with all the spouses and grandkids.  Id say about 50 people crammed into my parents haulipia getaway.  But for most of the day all the older grandkids played outside and the babies stayed inside so the house stayed relatively quiet...pshh who am I kidding!  And then being the crazy family we are we had to take a family picture in the freezing could mountains with tons of cold, crying babies..needless to say the pictures didn't come out very well...well except for the one at the top of the page.  I think that one looks great!  And after pictures we had a great dinner and then of course all the guys went and played basketball. 
Later on that night me and jordan got up the nerve to go into town for the walmart black friday sales.  We were lucky! We were able to get in and out quickly and only had to wait in line for like 30 minutes!!!  Id say it was a success!  Then on Friday morning we had to leave early so I could make it back in time for work.  It was so nice to have everyone together, especially glad that Toni and Craig and their kids could make it down this year.
Since Thanksgiving Jordan and I have been having sooo much fun getting into the Christmas spirit!! We are so excited for Christmas to come and already have all the shopping done!  Last week we got a cute and perfect tree! It was so much fun decorating it and we are convinced that everyone that sees it is jealous! haha! We made gingerbread houses with jordans fam for FHE, went and saw temple lights with Jason and Ashley, watched the first presidency's christmas message, went to the ward christmas party, went looking at all the pretty christmas lights in the neighborhood and drank hot cocoa!  I feel like I have really gotten into the christmas spirit this year...usually I'm not very excited about it but I think it will be the best christmas yet!  Im also excited that we can spend it with jordans family, they are so awesome!  But Ill miss you all so much! Stay warm and safe:) Merry Christmas!!!