Sunday, July 26, 2009

SuMmEr Is DoNzO

Its about time I head back to Thatcher, Ive searched for a million excuses to not go back, but in the end its where I gotta be. Im excited for it though! Im living with random girls that I dont know, all of my close friends from this past year have gone their separate ways or are now married, and I have a feeling its gonna be a pain in the but to find a job. But all these are actually really good things and Im perfectly fine with it! I really need to consintrate more in my classes, do my homework, and be more spiritually intuned. Im at a loss of what I want to do in my life, what my goals are and the things I want to accomplish, how to accomplish them. I need to clear my head and figure out what the heck Im doing.

Its been a somewhat exciting summer. Ive made a few trips down to the valley. I would usually stay with Candice, this is when we floated down the Salt River, which really isnt as great as I had expected it to be. Its kinda boring and the river is REALLY dirty, but i guess it doesnt matter if your with fun people. I love going to the valley and just laying out all day and then going to the mall and dinner! Those days are the best. One night, me and a few good freinds from high school got together in Mesa and got these big peices of cardboard and slid down this huge cement hill thing. It was pretty fun and reminded me of our good times in hs! This is a pic of me and the girls at the top of the hill.

Sexy Kalie and I, when I went up to Snowflake for an exciting weekend!

All the Robles sisters! at Brandon's wedding.

One things for sure...we KNOW how to get down on the dance floor! It was so much fun hanging out with all the family when Toni and Craig came down. A blast!!

Shopping with Brit and Jessica.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So far So good

I am outta Thatcher for the summer! OW OW! Not that I dont miss my crazy room mates, but it is sooo nice to finally be close to home! Im livin it up with Sarah and Steve now. You can bet they were way excited to have me, who wouldnt?? Especially Steve is! haha ok ok maybe he isnt but thats just because he hasnt had the whole dose of my amazingness yet! So I've been here for a day and I already got a job at the Sizzler! haha yeah its like a step up from the Corral, but baby steps, come on people! Ill be owning my own buffet in no time.

So to begin this glorious summer off I started off to a trip to good ol' Kingman, spent like 5 days there. Sounds boring, but it DEFINETLY wasnt! Well, maybe a little bit, but its nice to go to bed at a descent hour (although its not very nice when people wake you up at a completely undescent hour=), not have any obligations the next day, and just chilling up in the Haulipais with the fam! And to end the trip me, Sarah, and Amy took a journey down to Oatman! Its ok if your jealous :) but it actually wasnt too shabby; played with donkeys, watched Sarah cry as one chased her down the street, and talked to some straight up hicks. So I guess, all and all, it was a pretty fulfilling trip.

Me and Bearett feeding the donkey a carrot, Andrew giving his best pirate smile, and Madison taming the donkeys.

Yes, that is me in the Donk-A-Lope.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So as you can tell this whole blogging ordeal, hasnt been working out very well so far. It must be super hard for all of you when you come on here and there are no updates ;) not fun! I dont know how people go off to college and spend all there days just partying away. I cant even remember the last party I went to and yet I still cant focus on school. And trust me, its not a boy thats distracting me. I guess Im just a huge procrastinator..Im trying to work on that though. Dont worry Im not failing or anything, just dont like homework! Im also still working at the coral...lame I know. But there is only like a month or so left of school and then Im quiting! YAY I cant wait for that day to come!

My roomates and I have inherited a new hobby....HIKING. We've gone a few pretty intense hikes up in Mt Graham and then another one off in some Arovypa place? It was supposed to be really pretty there with creeks and flowers and what not. We were quite disappointed when we got there and there was just a bunch of dead trees and a creek filled with gosh knows what!

Heres are most of my roomates: Jackie, Me, Danni, and Missy. Absent are Jami and Holly. :)

Im contemplating on whether or not I want to come here next semester. My only other real options are Mesa community or go to CCC in Flagg....but who knows. Any advice?? Also, Im trying to decide where I want to spend my summer. Possibly Flagg, if Sarah and Steve will except me;) or there are a couple girls in the valley I could move in with. I suck at making choices like this mainly becuase I put it off till last minute. Theres that procrastination again!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Think you know me...think again.

25 Random Facts
I was tagged like 25 bazillion times with this on Facebook, so I thought 'screw facebook...its going on my blog.' ha
1. I'm a very sarcastic person..never take me completely seriously.
2. I love to spend time by myself, weird, I know.
3. I love the feeling of being sore from working out.
4. I'm a selective listener, if its not interesting to me, I can tune you out completely.
5. I love spending time with my family, I find them hilarious, and I also look up to all of them. They all have something that I admire alot.
6. I hate being cold and windy days.
7. I love the summer, I wish it was hot all year long.
8. I want to be a mom, and have tons of kids! (I'm not sure exactly yet on how many)
9. I want to serve a mission.
10. I want to live in AZ for my entire life.
11. I'm scared to leave the country.
12. If I could relive a year of my life it would be my sophmore year in high school. It was amazing but looking back now I would do it completely different.
13. I am extremely shy around certain people.
14. I don't do dumb things, or anything risky.
15. I'm mormon and I love every thing about it.
16. I wish I was a good singer!
17. I think I have too high of expectations for people. It leaves me dissapointed alot.
18. I can't stand loud people. It drives me nuts when they won't shut up! (no offense, its just annoying)
19. I like to go on drives by myself and just listen to music.
20. I know what I don't want, but I can't seem to find what I do want. Lets just say I'm very undecisive on what I want to do in life.
21. I could listen to the same song a thousand times in a row and it still won't get old.
22. My mom and dad are the most amazing people I've ever known and probably ever will.
23. I'm a very fortunate person. I have a great life!
24. I worry alot!
25. 1. I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I could drink it and only it for the rest of my life.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hi! I'm Julie. I'm new to this whole blogging ordeal, so we'll see how it goes.

Well, as of right now, I go to Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, AZ. I'm a freshman, exciting, I know! I live in this super tiny apartment with 4 other girls!! Dont worry these girls are pretty legit, so far they all pay thier rent and arent too messy. I'd say we all get along pretty well. Word around the block says were gonna have another girl move in too, so basically we all will be partying every night!! haha just kidding mom! And too top all this off I work at the Golden Corral. I wont go into that very far, it basically explains itself. haha So, this is me to start you all off!!