Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rocky Point!

For quite some time Jordan has been promising his bff Brad and Jessie, Brads wife, that he would take him to Rocky Point to stay in the condo that we stayed in on our honeymoon. Its so awesome down there Jor just wanted to share it.  So finally the oppurtunity presented itself and we took it!! We were also SO lucky to have Sarah and Steve and Amy and Bob AND all of their children come with us!!! We all fit nicely into to the 3 room condo that Pat, Sarah's mother n law, so generously lets us stay at.  She's the nicest lady ever.  Its so nice and chill down there we want to take everyone with us!  So sign up and reserve a room for the next time we go!!
Night swimming in the kinda creepy.
Eating Paletas ALL the time.
The beaches are flooded with HOTT men!
And hott women!! Slash reall pretty sunsets! Slash bon fires.
Fireworks and little boys with braided hair.
And lots and lots of really good food.
At least Bearett is happy right here! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Road Trip

Our biggest feat of the summer was the Brewer family reunion!  It was held in a little town right outside of Yellowstone national park.  It was gorgeous weather and gorgeous scenery too!  Jordan and I, being on a very strict budget, rode in the 12 passenger van with all his  younger brothers and sisters all the way up to Idaho.  Craziness!!!  I think there were 10 of us in the van and occasionally Jordan's little nephew would ride with us too.  Its been a while since I've been in a van that full!  The drive was somewhere around 20hrs.  But we had some exciting stops along the way and took lots of pictures!  On the first night of our road trip we stopped in Salt Lake and spent the night at Jor's G-ma and G-pa Baldwins who are currently serving a mission there.  

The Salt Lake Temple
We were able to do a session here the next morning before we had to get back on the road again.  Nolan, my father n law, made it a point to try and stop at every temple we drove by.  Here we are at the Logan Temple.
The Logan Temple was soo BEAUTIFUL!
We just did a quick drive by of the Idaho Falls Temple.
Once we finallyy got there we were pooped!  The family reunion involved Jordan's moms side and most of them were able to make it.  It was lots of fun hanging out with all of them and getting to know them.  They were all awesome and nice!  I think there was somewhere around 45 people that came and everyone crammed into the same house!   Not that the house wasn't big but it was just a LOT of people.
So the third day of the trip everyone went to Yellowstone, which was mostly just more driving, but we saw some pretty amazing sites!
I don't know how this happened but its pretty beautiful!

Doug, Jor, Daniel, Kaley, and Taylor at one of the many geysers we stopped at.
Old Faithful!  We barely made it to see Old Faithful.  We had to run from the parking lot to make it there on time.
Top Model!!
Sooo pretty out there!!
This rainbow was at a waterfall called Lower Falls...I think.  We had to hike down a very steep, metal staircase with about 350 steps.  The hike out was pretty trechorous, definetily could feel the burn

   My new hat!                                                              Hot tubbin!
We had lots of fun up in Idaho!  I am so lucky to be apart of such an amazing family.  Cant wait for the next reunion!!
On the way home we stopped at the Rexburg Temple.
The temple is on top of the biggest hill in town so everyone can see it
And thats the trip in a nutshell!
For some reason the computer won't publish it the way I really made so sorry if its hard to read!

Friday, September 9, 2011


I have sadly lost touch with my blog this year.  Mainly because of the death of my computer and then my camera.  But now Ive fixed the cam and got a new compu so I will be attempting to keep this thang updated! 
A lot has gone by since christmas that I havent been able to document since my camera broke and that I cant really recall now. I guess the biggest event was Jordan and I's one year anniversary.  Since it was like 3 months ago its not too hott of a topic anymore:(  But definitely a success!!
The summer has FLOWN by!  So fast it didnt even stop to give us a monsoon....seriously we got barely anything down here in the valley.  Which was kind of a downer because I love thunder storms and rain!  There is always lightning in the distance but never where we're at.  School has started for Jordan and I'm starting up to job search again.. same ol' stuff if you ask me.
We have had a few awesome trips this past month which are all worth a definite post of their own!!  So I will spend these next couple days trying to unravel our exciting stories:)