Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Life

                      Well nothing new going on at our place, just this little girl growing faster than a weed! 
(and she can't really stand she is just doing a balancing act right here)
She really likes to suck on her bottom lip (which is what she doing right here). And it drives me nuts! I pull it out every time she does it.  Its so silly!
It also hailed a TON a couple days ago.  It was pretty neat!
And Jordan ate his first Pigs foot! GROSS! 
                                  Her "sup" face.                                                          Maeleigh loves her saucer!
Striking a pose for bath time! She is such a funny girl.  
We hit a milestone this week, she started sitting up all by herself! And she has very good posture, she just gets upset when she falls over because she can't sit herself back up.  Obsessed with our daughter much?? Yup! She's a little gem:)

PS It reallllyyyy drive me nuts when my post doesn't get published the way I made it!! Does anyone else have this problem?


Sarah or Stephen said...

Maeleigh is so beautiful! And Julie you are too! Jordan. that is disgusting.

Natalie Robles said...

Its very easy to get obsessed about your kids. I can't get enough of Logan and I am with him all the time. Maeleigh is getting so big...they grow so fast.
(and yes I have the same problem sometimes and its annoying)