Saturday, August 4, 2012

Long hot summer for me:)

 Everything has gone very smoothly with this pregnancy, no problems at all! Unless constant heartburn and back pain and pinched nerves are considered problems...then yes I've had a few:)  I guess I should say no problems with our little girl.  Which is all that matters!  So I might be being a little dramatic but I guess I've learned that being pregnant isn't as easy as everyone made it look!  In all honesty it really hasn't been too bad, I'm just a complainer by nature:)  I am 36 weeks now!! WooHooo! Its still kind of surreal that I'm going to be a mom in just a few weeks! Am I ready for this??? Yikes I hope so!  For about the past 2 months now I haven't been working (due to bad luck mostly). So the summer has been loong and this last month of my pregnancy is probably really going to push my sanity.  I would like to find some sort of stay at home job (do those even exist??) or something I could bring our little gal to.  That would be ideal! But for now I'm just hanging out keeping my options open:) 
  As for Jordan, he's been working his buns off!  He is now working with our neighbor Andrew who owns his own pest control company called Payback Pest Control.  He needs to bring in his own clientele so if you got a bug problem Jordan is your man.  They specialize in bed bug and termite treatments.  Other than sweating buckets everyday, Jordan is so incredibly excited for our Maeleigh girl to get here!   (BTW her names Maeleigh;))  You should see how googley eyed this guy gets every time she's kicking or when he plays with other babes.  Its so cute to see him like that.  She is going to be one lucky girl to have a dad like jor!!
  Adventures this Summer
A quick trip to the Gila Valley Temple. Got to do a session and check out my old stomping grounds!
The middle couple in this pic (Jordan and Guilian) came with us to the Gila Valley Temple.  This is after their sealing in the Mesa Temple.  The sun was glaring right into our eyes. It was painful. But we had to get a pic!  She is also pregnant with a little girl and due any day now!!! Lucky girl! And Joey and Kelsey there on the end.  They just got back from China! Crazies!
We went up to Bear Canyon Lake with Ami and Tyson and camped for a night. It was so pretty and green up there and the weather was nice and cool the whole time!
We didn't catch any fish but we did catch like 50 crawdads.  These ones were in love just like us;)
The biggest hit this summer was my baby shower! My awesome sis n law Melissa threw it for me. She made it so cute! Girl is crafty!!  The theme was "About to Pop" so we had popcorn, cake pops, balloons, pop rocks, soda pop....things that pop!
As you can tell it was a definite success!  I felt so spoiled. We are officially all set for her to get here!
Last weekend we went up to Snowflake for Pioneer Day.  We got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Brewer and some of Jordans cousins from the Brewer side and and the Baldwin side.  It was fun hanging out with all of them.  We went to the parade Saturday morning (of course) and hung out with his cousins all day and went to the rodeo that night.  Any chance to get out of the valley heat I'll take!  We had to take a pic at the Snowflake Temple!
So those are our big trips this summer.  Now its the waiting game,  I can't wait to finally meet our Maeleigh girl!
And I just have to show off the baby room.  Its been fun picking the paint out and putting it all together.  My mother n law Jill made the curtains. Aren't they LUSH!! She is one talented lady!


Brad said...

Oh my gosh, everything looks adorable for your little girl!! We are SO excited for you guys!!! :) You look great too!! I hope I look that good! Good luck with the last few weeks!

Brad said...

THis is Jessi btw... :)

Natalie Robles said...

I'm jealous of all of your trips, We're like dying here. I don't know how anyone can live here.
But on the bright note at least we're close so we'll get to see this sweet baby girl when she arrives! Good Luck!

Amy Shupe said...

The curtains make that room sooooo amazing!!!!! I am super jealous. It makes me wish that I would have actually bought something for this little man inside me! The waiting game sucks. OH!! I just noticed the cover for your changing pad! SOOOOO CUTE!!! Maeleigh is already spoiled! We seriously need these babies to come at the same time. LOVE YOU!!!

Brent and Haley said...

Great summary! Now you need to post some pictures of Maeleigh!