Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby Maeleigh

So I guess I better post about my little girl:) I would go into detail about my labor and delivery but it didnt end up being the beautiful birth story I was hoping for.  Beautiful outcome! No doubt about that!  So long story short, I went into labor early in the morning on 9/11.  After a couple hours I went to the hospital and I was dilated at a 6. My labor was progressing really quickly buuut due to some complications I ended up needing a c section:( boo wasnt happy about that! But the most important thing is that Maeleigh is a healthy girl.  It is frustrating for me to have a c section tho.  I did all this preparing and planning to have a natural birth and I kind of feel like that was takin away from me and my preparing was for no reason now.  Soo obviously Im a little disappointed in that area but I did get the best little girl!  She is a sweetheart! She has a very calm personality and not very fussy at all.  We got it easy! She started smiling at us at like 3 and a half weeks old!  Most of you probably dont think thats very exciting but we couldnt be more proud!! haha its funny how everything they do makes you so excited and proud.  All the pictures on our camera of her smiling whited out her face or ended up all blerry (our super crappy camera! grrr!) We seriously need a new camera! Maybe if I complain and fuss enough about it I can convince hubby to get us a new one?? 
So for a while I'll be doing the stay at home mom ordeal but I have to say it does get boring a lot and makes me feel pretty unproductive.  Any tips to help me not feel like a lazy bum all the time?  I know I know..I'm doing the greatest work at home, thats what everyone always says to me and I'm like hello my baby sleeps like 15hrs a day! Theres only so much I can do at home!

My sis n law Ashley took this pic and i couldnt help but steal it from her..She's so presh!
Maeleigh's Blue Steel impression.
Its funny how babies can sleep anywhere in any position:)  And she's wearing booties that her grandma Baldwin made.
Post baby bod..definetly needs some tuning but its crazy how the weight has been coming off with out me even being able to workout! One of the up sides of breastfeeding I suppose:)

So today my awesome sis n law Amy Dykens Robles ( I have 3 sisters named amy, hence the full name) came down here to Gilbert and took some very cute newborn photos.  So I will be anxiously awaitng those and Im sure the maybe 2 people who look at my blog will be anxiously awaiting to see them as well! :) 

Oh my gosh! I cant forget to mention that my sister Amy, who was due 2 wks after me had her baby boy on the same day as me!! How crazy is that! Same day. Same hospital.  We considered sharing a hospital room but figured with all the breastfeeding going on it would probably traumitize our husbands!  So I had my baby a week late and Amy had hers a week early...Mine is older and hers is chubbier! haha here's cute little Marshall and Maeleigh.


Amy Shupe said...

I love our fake twins sooo much! I can't wait to see the pics Amy took too. I am dying to see them!

Natalie Robles said...

I've been waiting and waiting for you to blog. I check it all the time. and that's one way to spend your time (so you should keep us regularly updated about your lil one). I'm still trying to find something to fill my time. I think the best thing would be to find a fun hobby you enjoy.

Jessi and Brad said...

That's so exciting!! She is adorable!! I'm afraid of being an at home mom too... I'm afraid I'll get bored. I have the best idea, we can just live by each other forever!! :) Problem solved! :)